Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Nokia 103 1280 1600 charger no response solution

After Searching and doing so many experiments I am going to write an article about these all types of nokia mobiles (Nokia Infineon) .In this category Nokia x1-01,100,101 etc mobiles are included.
With a powered on mobile ...when we plug in charger it shows no any response at all
but when mobile is powered off .. It Looks like this
in above video cell phone is nokia 103...
It stopped after 15 seconds in powered off condition but shows no response when it is powered on.

Note that there is no any original solution for this type of fault but i have a trick to resolve battery charging problem in these all phones so read this article carefully i  will show you some useful tips.

Look this picture and observe that what components are changed to solve the problem and also these all are related with charging socket of mobile is a transistor ..resistance and a controller ic which i changed
Nokia 103 1280 1600 charger no response solution
  I also changed capacitor for charging near charging socket but result was same because it can not be recovered..So Finally i did following procedure and a temporary solution for charging the battery was done ... So Look this picture carefully and note that this procedure is also applicable to all types of mobiles including chinese mobiles...
Nokia 103 1280 1600 charger no response solutio
 after plugging in charger for 10 minutes battery voltage increased and show this video after this procedure